Tweed Craftsmanship

Araminta Campbell’s bespoke tweed design service offers clients unique design innovation, attention to detail and a commitment to achieving the highest quality in the finished tweed. The service is tailored to the needs of each individual client, and can cover everything from creating or regenerating designs, sourcing materials, weaving the cloth and the production of tweed furnishings and accessories. As an independent tweed consultant, Araminta is able to combine the services of carefully selected suppliers across Scotland and give her clients a wide choice of colours, weights, fibres and quantities for their own woven tweed.


When designing a tweed I always begin with my inspiration. This is usually landscape inspired but I do work to other briefs when designing for a client. I look at the colours, proportion of colours and the texture, all of these feed into the end design, from the colours to the design.
When looking at the colours I look at different colour palettes from mills and yarn suppliers to decide which is most suitable for a project based on colour and quality. For the overall design I look at the texture of the landscape to help decide if a simple check, hounds tooth, herringbone or other design will be the most suitable.
I create the designs aided with computer software which enables me to look at the different colour combinations and create CADs in order to visualise what the end fabric will look like.


Working independently from an individual mill I am able to choose the most suitable mill for each project. I like to use small mills in order to support the weaving industry which is often dominated by larger producers. In this way I am able to work closely with the weavers to ensure that I am happy with the design and I can even receive photos of the tweeds in production. This also enables me to produce smaller quantities for my Limited Edition Tweed Range.

Making the Bags

I work very closely with my wonderful hand bag maker, Katherine Emtage on the design and manufacture of my range of bags and accessories. Katherine is highly skilled in making the patterns and the final products. I design the bags and with Katherine I ensure the bags are all high quality, aesthetic and functions. The design goes through several sampling stages from drawings to paper models, into calico and finally they are sampled in the tweed and tested.
Above all I know the quality is the absolute best! The leather is all Scottish, brought as a hide and hand cut to avoid the rough and hard strip cut and readymade handles. Again this process is about supporting small independent makers and being rewarded with quality and the ability to have such low numbers produced creating an exclusive range of bags.