Woodland Inkcap: New MINTA Design released

9 Mar 2022

Reflecting nature, this week we are pleased to release our new limited-edition MINTA design, connecting your chosen space with the natural world.

Inspired by a troop of beautiful Woodland Inkcap mushrooms on the lawn of Araminta's family home in rural Aberdeenshire, the design depicts the gentle curvature of the mushroom caps within a troop of Woodland Inkcap mushrooms, as seen from above, alongside the delicate frills of the gills, as seen from underneath.

The limited-edition design is aptly named ‘Woodland Inkcap’ and is available exclusively in our two sizes of throw, across three natural colourways: grey and white, caramel and white, and white. 

CEO and Creative Director Araminta explains “delight is in the detail and nature provides the richest details; the gentle curvature of a mushroom cap, the texture of heather on the mountains for example provide the greatest inspiration if we only take time to admire and absorb nature.”

Continuing our mission is to create articles of beauty that stand the test of time as well as helping to sustain the traditional skills, rural suppliers, and talented craftspeople of the British Isles, the new design and pieces created are an ode to British craftsmanship, skill and passion. 

From the design itself, inspired by a moment captured in the Scottish landscape, to the British alpaca breeders who nurture and care for the animals whose fleece are used to make the 100% British alpaca throws, and onto the specialist woollen mill in Devon who scour, card and spin our yarn using valuable rural skills, through to the family-run artisan mill in the Scottish Borders who use centuries old skills on vintage looms to produce our designs, our new pieces are perfect examples of British craftsmanship, made to be cherished.

View the collection today and secure your limited-edition heirloom here.