London Art Fair: showcasing British-made luxury

25 Mar 2022

Community is incredibly important to us and we work with some fantastic partners, all of whom share our ethos for British carft, exquisite pieces and unforgettable experiences that create cherished memories. We are celebrating one such partner, Author Interiors, who have been selected to as a partner for the excluse London Art Fair. 

AUTHOR Interiors has excitedly been chosen as Furniture Partner for London Art Fair 2022 from 20th – 24thApril at the Business Design Centre in Islington. We will be styling the VIP Collectors Lounge, showcasing a range of decorative and functional art pieces that have been handcrafted here in the UK by skilled artisans and craftspeople.

The Fair, which has been held at the Business Design Centre since its launch in 1989, provides an exceptional occasion to discover and buy the best in Contemporary and Modern Art. From small prints by emerging artists to major creations by internationally acclaimed artists, the Fair features artworks for collecting at all levels that will be exhibited from over 100 chosen galleries.  

Curated sets of luxury furniture, homeware and artworks from AUTHOR’s collection will be displayed, sharing the stories behind them and how they are made so the makers and the provenance of these British-made pieces can be honoured. We are delighted for this opportunity to showcase the work of our British-based makers and to demonstrate their high-quality skill and craftsmanship, designing with sustainability and longevity in mind as well as keeping British heritage crafts alive.

The work of bronze artists Alice Andrea Ewing and Neil Lemaire will be on display. Both use the Lost Wax casting technique, an ancient method that was prominently used by the Celts here in Britain over 3,000 years ago. Alice and Neil adapt this traditional casting technique to create unique, one-of-a-kind sculptures. Alice’s work centres around her ongoing collaborative project, Pomarius, where the extraordinary resulting works are solid bronze translations of the organic produce it is cast from, all sourced from gardens, historical locations and ancient trees across the UK. Neil’s exquisite bronze vessels are inspired by the cooling, setting and deposition of molten materials and geology formations of minerals. This can be seen in his ‘Surface Tension’ Viscosity Globe Vessel that has splash formations that give the piece the look of moving liquid. 

Other designers we will be showcasing that are maintaining traditional crafting methods with contemporary designs are Araminta Campbell, who keeps Scotland’s rich weaving heritage alive with her limited-edition collections of luxury homeware and fashion pieces made from alpaca wool sustainably sourced from 100% small British farms, and Elin Isaksson who uses traditional glass blowing methods in her Dunblane studio to make modern glass functional art pieces. 

It is not only the traditional skills we celebrate here at AUTHOR; it is also the unique and contemporary. We will be displaying an exclusive, one-off chandelier by artist and designer Rachel Fitzpatrick who creates her large-scale suspended sculptures and lighting installations mostly from the unique material of Velcro, redefining how the material can be used. 

“Whether traditional, contemporary or a mixture of the two, these decorative and functional art pieces are there to be used and appreciated,” explains AUTHOR founder and interior designer, Jane Adams. “You should be using these exquisite pieces at every opportunity, not just for special occasions. Use that gorgeous silver spoon for serving sugar and use that divine crystal glass for your bedside glass of water. As you get older, you realise that special day or occasion may never come so why not celebrate the joy in these beautifully crafted pieces and use them every day?”

Many of the luxury pieces in our collection are made in small runs, to last and to be cherished. Makers such as Araminta Campbell and Elvis & Kresse also provide repairing schemes to help maintain the life of these investment pieces so they can be used and appreciated every day as they should. “If these pieces are well looked after they will last your lifetime, giving you so much joy in the process. A joy that can be passed on to future generations to experience as well,” states Jane.

Jane will be present at the Fair and you can find her in the VIP Collectors Lounge from 20th – 24th April where our decorative and functional art pieces made in Britain will be showcased. Please get in touch of you would like to make an appointment with Jane at