Launching our newest collection

16 Oct 2021

We are thrilled to introduce our new collection, the Heritage collection. Available online, or in our Edinburgh studio, the new limited-edition collection brings together each of our highly regarded collections, encapsulating their ethos, values and practises. 

Over the past year we have been working on bringing to life our Founder, and creative Directors, vision and are proud to unveil her incredible tartan design, ‘Beech dappled skies’

The Heritage tartan design sees the landscape as the muse; drawing inspiration from her childhood and the landscape surrounding her family home in Aberdeenshire, the tartan design beautifully depicts the blue skies seen through the dappled leaves of the beech tree woodland. Aptly named, the tartan is called ‘Beech dappled skies’.

As she had done many times with her mother as a child, whilst walking in the beech woodland, Araminta looked up to admire the beauty of nature. Rather than seeing the wood of the trunks surrounding her, she admired the beauty of nature that encompassed the scene; the dappled light and luscious leaves, the soft colour of the tree trunks and the light blue skies can all be admired in her tartan. 

The Heritage collection not only finds its inspiration in nature, but the very colours that are seen in the yarn have been skilfully drawn out from nature. Using a highly skilled natural plant dying process, Araminta has meticulously colour matched each of the yarn colours used in her tartan providing an exquisite colour palette that perfectly reflects nature. With an exquisite colour palette the luxury accessories are perfect for both men and women. 

Offering both a handwoven and mill woven line, to be released later in the year, the collection is an ode to the brand.

With only 12 of each piece being made, the handwoven line of the Heritage collection is hand woven in our Edinburgh studio and made from the finest 100% British alpaca with each piece taking up to three weeks to make. The limited-edition artisan mil- woven line, with only 200 of each piece being produced, is crafted from the finest lambswool and mill woven by Scottish artisan weavers.

Araminta, CEO and Creative Director, explained “the launch of this collection is a milestone for the brand, and for luxury textiles. On a brand note, it brings together the very best of our three collections to produce pieces that showcase the quality, craftsmanship, value of our textiles. For luxury textiles I believe it showcases that luxury and sustainability are not independent of one another.”

Launching online today, the luxury hand woven line is available from our website.