Christmas Gifting: British luxury and craftsmanship

27 Oct 2021

It is no secret that we believe in craftsmanship; in making beautiful pieces that last. As Christmas season approaches, and gifting is at the top of one’s list, we look at shopping locally and consciously. Introducing Author Interiors, a small, enthusiastic team based in rural Scotland who champion the excellence in British design, craftsmanship and luxury, we discussed what is at the top of their gifting list. 

At AUTHOR we have always asked customers to shop consciously, a message even more pertinent this Christmas. Our mantra is buying less with more consideration and buying well with a little more thought. We are noticing clients are ordering early this year which is a great habit to put into practice. Not only does it let you enjoy the consideration process, taking your time to pick the perfect piece for your loved ones but it also allows the makers not to have grey hairs by Christmas Eve!

We believe shopping consciously is about supporting independent makers, paying them fairly for their craft which is usually made in sustainable small runs, limited editions or to order, and appreciating their skill and craftsmanship. It’s about selecting pieces that stand the test of time, that are not fashion-orientated or mass-produced. Being AUTHOR, we believe that it is imperative to let the recipient know the provenance and stories behind each piece; these often get lost along the way. Here’s my top 4 picks of pieces with stories to tell from our collection this year. 

1. Gilded Finch Bowl

I would be delighted to unwrap these porcelain pinch bowls on Christmas morning. Wheel-thrown in London by talented ceramic artist, Jo Davies, these Finch Bowls get their name from the finches of the Galapagos Islands, where finches are all from the same species but abundant in their variety. These bowls are similar due to their handmade nature, all made in small runs to the same design but each unique. They are finished with a either a black manganese or white crackle glaze and a 24ct gilded rim that makes them that little bit more special. I’d have one for oil or vinegar, one for olives and the other for stones, one for sea salt or one for…the list goes on!

2. Moore Tray

There is nothing I love more at Christmas than hosting and a tray is essential to do this for handing out tipples and nibbles. This round tray is handcrafted by furniture designer/maker, Isabelle Moore, in her Edinburgh workshop, and available exclusively from AUTHOR. These trays are made in a limited edition of 20. A matching side table can even be made for the tray to sit on top of perfectly making it easier to bring in snacks and refills from the kitchen. It’s the elegant tear-drop shaped handle that really does it for me, Isabelle’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is exceptional. 

3. Recycled Leather Cube

This multifunctional cube brings me so much joy for many reasons; a brilliant extra perch spot for extra bodies or a footstool for weary feet. It is handmade in Kent by the skilled team at Elvis & Kresse using the finest leather offcuts from leading British leather-craft manufacturers. It features a gorgeous interlocking pattern that has been created for the most efficient use of the offcuts whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. These cubes are stuffed with the same reclaimed leather making them 100% zero waste and proving that luxury can be sustainable. 

4. Willow Throw

Had to pick this luxuriously soft throw by Araminta. I love that the British alpaca wool used to make these sumptuous throws are sourced from small farms across the UK, supporting local and ensuring only the finest materials are used. I love the story behind the piece too with the fluid woven pattern inspired by willow leaves flowing over running water of babbling brooks in Scotland. Its neutral colouring allows it to be used in both traditionally and contemporary styled spaces; ethical elegance. Perfect. 

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