Araminta the Alpaca: traceability in textiles III

10 Apr 2022

Spring has officially sprung as we are approach the final quarter of our journey following Araminta the alpaca’s first year on this wonderful planet. 

Our aim in this journey was to provide greater transparency in the work and dedication that goes into creating our British textiles. Since we last visited Kate, her devoted owner and breeder, at Mullacott Alpacas, Araminta has been learning and developing her handling and agility skills, both of which are integral to her safe handling which benefits her welfare. 

With regular exposure to headcollars, lead walking and agility sessions, Araminta is familiar and content with human contact and interaction. A valuable skill to have, by working with Araminta and the herd in this way, it ensures she is confident and unfazed when it comes to requiring essential health checks, husbandry tasks, medical treatment, and shearing. For alpacas who aren’t trained and exposed in this way, these appointments can be rather stressful for the animal. 

Set in the heart of Devon and enjoying a varied terrain, Araminta has been enjoying walks through woodland and across small streams providing new sights, sounds and textures. 

Over the next few months Araminta will celebrate her first birthday, have detailed analysis of samples of her fibre completed and experience her first full shearing. After initial sorting and skirting the best of her fleece will be sent to our workshop  we finally will get to determine the quality of her fleece.