Introducing our newest recruit!

19 Apr 2021

We have always led the way when it comes to sustainability and traceability. In 2014 when our company was founded, and before sustainability became a buzz word, we were out in the field (no pun intended!), digging deep and laying our foundations in sustainability and traceability.

This year, we are going further on our traceability journey and would like you to join us. Once considered more valuable than gold, it can be said the understanding of textiles has been lost; do we really understand what goes into making these instrumental pieces that clothe us, that keep us warm, that decorate our homes and that are so pivotal in everyday life? We want to help people understand the journey of our textiles, and, as you know, every journey begins with one first step.

We felt what better way to understand a journey is there than to follow it, and ours begins with the tiny steps of a baby cria (the name of a baby alpaca!)! Over the next 12 months we will be following the life of an alpaca from its birth through to its first shearing. But the journey does not end there – for either the fleece or the alpaca! We will continue our journey onto the spinning and weaving process flowing the alpaca fleece as it is made into one of our SIGNATURE pieces. This journey will showcase the time, effort, and love that goes into making luxury textiles.

We are thrilled to be working with one of our wonderful alpaca breeders, Kate, from Mullacott Aplacas, who is joining us on this journey and allowing us to share in her life and that of her alpacas. With this all said, we would like to introduce you to our newest recruit – Araminta the alpaca!

The first of Kate’s cria to be born this year, Araminta the alpaca’s first few weeks on this earth have been full of adventure fun. Weighing 6.8kg at birth she has a healthy appetite for life, and food, adding a further 3kg to her birth weight in the first 10 days of her life!

Over the next 12 months we will be following Araminta (the alpaca and not our founder) on her journey, regaling tales of her progress on our journal and social media platforms.

Having always sourced our fleeces direct from breeders in the UK, we have always been proud to know not only the name of the farm from which our fleece comes but also on occasion the name of the individual alpaca that has gone into making our pieces. Understanding that this level of transparency is a rarity, we are proud to share this journey with you and hope you find it an enjoyable and insightful one.

This is one small step for an alpaca, but one giant step for the textile industry.