Crafted with Care

Our SIGNATURE Collection is all handwoven with British alpaca here in our Edinburgh atelier.

Handweaving takes precision and patience, with each warp prepared by hand and meticulously threaded through the shafts of the loom.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and can take between three days and three weeks to create. Every scarf, shawl, wrap and throw is woven individually, and given our signature hand stitched tassels while on the loom.

Once weaving is complete there is a lengthy finishing process involving washing, streaming, stitching and brushing – all by hand. This is how the beautifully soft handle and elegant drape is achieved.

It has taken years for our weavers to attain the skill and knowledge required to create our handwoven items, and we are proud to be helping to sustain the craft of handweaving here in Scotland.

Meet the Weavers


Founder and Creative Director

As well as leading the business, Araminta designs all of our Signature and Minta collections and works directly with our custom design clients to create their unique tweeds and tartans.


Atelier Manager and Handweaver

Nurturing her creativity from a young age, Corine’s passion for weaving was ignited from the moment she laid her hands on a loom during her fashion and textile degree. Finding great satisfaction in the technicalities of weaving, she is passionate about traceability and the journey from raw material to finished piece.



Captivated by the process of weaving; the need for perfection, order and meticulous detail, Vicky finds inspiration in producing exquisite, contemporary pieces using traditional processes and looms. Working for a luxury brand that places such a high importance on traceability and sustainability is like a dream come true for Vicky.