Update an Existing Design

Refreshing or Reproducing Existing Tweeds and Tartans

Being a custodian of a historic estate tweed or family tartan is a wonderful privilege, but can also present a few challenges. Reproducing an old tweed or tartan can be difficult to do faithfully, as contemporary colours and yarns differ from those used in the past. Araminta Campbell specialises in tracking down the right materials and manufacturing to bring your old tweed or tartan back to life for a new generation to enjoy.

colour matching yarn in old estate tweed

An existing tweed or tartan pattern can be reproduced from a length of the fabric or even an old garment.

Araminta often works with estates and clients who have an existing tweed and want to have it reproduced. When having a tweed reproduced, it can be challenging to find yarn colours that match closely and often a tweed move further away from the original every time it is reproduced. When taking a tweed to a mill, the mills are usually tied into their own stock yarns therefore the colours are limited.

If you have a tweed that you feel has already moved away from the original, Araminta can also redesign the tweed taking it back to where she feels it would have started. She is able to achieve this by looking at the landscape the tweed was designed for and referencing other local designs. Recently, Araminta has worked with Glen Tanar Estate to redesign their tweed, please read some testimonials from some of Araminta’s previous clients.

It is a similar situation when reproducing an existing tartan. Some of the older family tartans are not readily available and when producing them it can be difficult finding a mill that has yarn that matches an old design.

Working independently,  Araminta is able to work with different weaving mills and can select the manufacturer that has the most suitable colours for an individual project. She also has the ability to source yarn direct from multiple yarn producers and can even have yarn dyed to match the current tweed or tartan.

Contact us if you would like to enquire about having an existing tweed or tartan reproduced.