What is the Araminta Campbell custom design gift box?

The service of creating a custom tweed or tartan design with Scottish textile designer Araminta Campbell. This can be a completely new design or we also can adapt existing tartan or tweed designs and bring old designs back to life.

This service is for a personal design, if you would like to enquire about creating a corporate design for an organisation or business please contact us.

What is the difference between a tweed and a tartan?

Tartans are traditionally worn by members of the same family or ‘clan’. A tartan design consists of a pattern of intersecting lines and squares known as a sett, woven in a maximum of 6 solid colours. These can be produced in a number of different colour palettes to create variations such as dress, ancient and hunting.

Tweeds were historically woven as hardwearing, practical wool cloth with the design tied to a particular landscape or ‘estate’. A tweed design can be composed of many different patterns, from herringbone and overchecks to houndstooth and stripes. Tweed is created using flecked yarns, giving the finished tweed a softer, more earthy look than a tartan.

Can I create a tartan or tweed for my company?

The custom design gift box gift box is to create a tweed or tartan for personal use however we often work with corporations, hotels and businesses to create a design that represents their brand.

Get in touch to enquire about our corporate service: contact@aramintacampbell.co.uk

Is there a minimum order for custom cloth or product?

Yes, but it is not as large as you might think; we can manufacture as little as 12 metres of cloth.

For reference, a kilt requires around 4 metres of cloth, men’s trousers approximately 2.2 metres and a jacket approximately 2 metres. 

What can I do with my tartan or tweed design?

We specialise in translating custom designs into woven cloth and can arrange for the manufacturing of your design here in Scotland. The cost of this varies depending on what you wish to have manufactured so please contact us for a quote.

If you have an idea of what you would like to produce let us know at the start of the design process and we can ensure that the right yarns are selected for weaving from the outset.

Working with different Scottish mills, we can produce a range of cloth weights and qualities as well as finished products - here are some examples of how your design can be used:

Tailoring: Suits, coats, kilts and dresses

Accessories: scarves, shawls, flat caps, ties

Luggage: Cases, handbags, gun slips and other sporting bags.

Interiors: Upholstery, curtains, carpets, throws, blankets and cushions.

What will I receive?

Once the design development is complete you will receive a final printed version of your custom design. In the case of tartan designs you will also receive the certificate of registration from The National Tartan Register.

If the design is going to be produced into cloth or other products the printout will be accompanied by the proposed colour-matched yarn twists. The cost of manufacturing any cloth or products in your design is costed separately, please contact us for a quote. 

What is the process of crating a bespoke tweed or tartan design?

You will be working directly with Araminta to develop your design. If you have initial inspiration, favourite colours, family history or a special landscape she will be able to incorporate these to create a design that has personal significance for you.

During the design process Araminta will produce an initial series of computer-generated images of different options, after receiving your feedback she will develop these into a second round of designs. Following further feedback Araminta will create a third round of designs to produce a final design.

Do I have to be based in Scotland?

No. Many of our clients are based overseas and we can complete the design process in whichever way suits you. We always recommend meeting Araminta for a design consultation if possible but correspondence via Skype, phone and email also works well. The final stages of design are sent via post to give an accurate idea of the scale and colours involved.

Can anyone have their own tartan or tweed designed?

Yes! You do not have to be Scottish to have your very own tartan or tweed.

Wil my tartan be regitered?

We will ensure that your tartan fits the criteria for registration with the National Tartan Register and once the design is finalised we can arrange for the design to be registered. Once complete you will receive a certificate from The National Tartan Register recognising your tartan in their official archive and this will also be documented on their website.