The Ballogie Estate

Recreating the Origins of an Estate Tweed

The unusual Ballogie Estate tweed was created in the 1930s but had been difficult to reproduce using modern yarns. We created custom dyed and spun yarns to create a faithful reproduction of this vintage design.

The hotel is home to thousands of stunning works of art and antiques, and every room was designed to be an immersive experience. Accordingly, the Fife Arms tweed and tartan designs needed to be able to work well in a variety of different settings whilst adding to the many layered visual feast awaiting guests. Russell Sage expertly curated these interior spaces, winning House and Garden’s 2019 Pineapple Award for hotel design.

The new Ballogie Tweed is a great success. Araminta worked tirelessly, seeking to match the colours and patterns from the oldest example available to us, in the form of a jacket dating back to 1930.What we now have is very impressive and were we starting from scratch with a completely new design we could not have done better

Randall Nicol - Owner of the Ballogie Estate

Bespoke designs and custom cloth

The tartan and tweed designs include details from the hotel’s history and iconic façade as well drawing on the colours and textures of the surrounding landscape. Working with carefully selected Scottish suppliers, we provided the tweed and tartan in a variety of different scales, weights and qualities. From FR treated cloth for fabric walling and lightweight cloth for uniforms, to tweed carpets, cashmere tartan blankets and even silk tartan scarves for the hotel boutique.

The Ballogie Estate is a 6,000 acre Scottish estate in the heart of Royal Deeside. Owned and managed by the Nicol family since 1850, the estate features beautiful areas of ancient woodland, wild moors and rivers, and is a sought-after destination for holidays, weddings, field sports and fishing. We were commissioned to reproduce the Ballogie estate tweed, which was commissioned by Lt-Colonel R J Nicol in the 1930s and has been worn by the Nicol Family ever since. This historic design has been difficult to manufacture in modern times, and the Nicol family were searching for a way to bring the tweed back to how it had originally looked in Lt-Colonel Nicol’s day.

Araminta began by studying an example of the original tweed - in the form of an old tweed sporting jacket that had once belonged to a member of the family. The yarns used to weave this vintage design were not readily available in the right colours so we bespoke dyed and twisted wool yarns to achieve a good match. The heavyweight Cheviot tweed was woven in the Scottish Borders, and has been used in uniforms, sporting wear and interiors on the Ballogie Estate