The inspiration and ethics behind every design


The idea for a piece can be sparked at any moment but always stems from the Scottish landscape and the flora and fauna. I like to document my inspiration through photography, from the smallest detail in a flower to grand views of the Highlands and wild seascapes.

Creative Process

I work as an artist, so my pieces are not influenced by trends that come and go. Instead I create them with the intention that they will be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime. When creating a new design I work from my inspiration and drawings, picking out the details, colours or textures that I want to capture in each piece.


The materials and suppliers I use to make my pieces are very carefully chosen, and all are based here in the UK. I am proud to know all of the suppliers and craftspeople I work with personally, and that the animals and people involved are valued and cared for.


Everything from the raw materials to the design and construction is selected for luxurious quality and longevity. By using the best fibres, weavers and craftspeople I can ensure of my pieces are made to last while retaining a timeless elegance.