Araminta Campbell’s Handwoven Artworks

Posted on 13 December 2017

The Hunt for an Exceptional Gift

It is often difficult to find gifts that are truly unique. Everyone wants to find that exclusive luxury present that will wow it’s recipient, but the world seems to be increasingly saturated by just more of the same. However, our Signature Handwoven pieces can offer an alternative to those seeking something personal and unique this Christmas.

Each luxury alpaca scarf, shawl or wrap is a complete one off, which means every owner of our handwoven pieces can be sure they are wearing something no one else can have. We liken it to giving a work of art or a bespoke item of jewellery – there is something particularly special about presenting a loved one with an item that is the only piece in existence.

luxury packaging for unique gift

Wearable Works of Art

Hand made with meticulous care and attention in our Edinburgh weaving studio, these items are conversation pieces that tell a story of the Scottish landscape. Araminta is an artist who finds inspiration in the natural world around her, observing the motifs and patterns hidden in a birds wing, the texture of an old Scots Pine tree and the furrows of a freshly ploughed field. She translates these into her woven paintings, elevating each scarf, shawl or cushion into a handwoven expression of natural beauty.

Here are a few of our favourites, alongside the landscapes and natural details that inspired them.

handwoven luxury gift made in scotland

Fields and Haybales Hand Woven Alpaca Scarf

This piece was inspired by a view of Scottish fields from the air. The patchwork of different textures and patterns provided an interesting challenge to capture in weave. Araminta used a complex weave structure to map out the ploughed fields, haybales, fallow fields and fences across the length of the scarf.

hand woven unique shawl Layered Feather Hand Woven Alpaca Shawl

Birds have always captivated Araminta and a number of her pieces have been inspired by their delicate forms. In this shawl she wanted to capture the beautifully aligned patterns you see in a birds wing, with each feather perfectly overlapping the next.

Hand made couture scarf

Haybale Hand Woven Alpaca Scarf

Driving through the Scottish countryside in late summer you cannot miss the shimmering golden fields scattered with haybales. Araminta’s eye was caught by their seemingly random patterns which she transformed into a geometric interlocking design.

hand made luxury one of a kind scarf

Stone Wall Hand Woven Alpaca Scarf

Scotland’s fields are traditionally bordered with walls built without mortar – stones are expertly stacked like puzzle pieces, with each stone holding those below in place. These walls have lasted hundreds of years, but the craft is a dying art requiring much skill and patience. Araminta created this design as a tribute to this part of Scotland’s heritage.

See more artworks from our Signature Collection here.

Finest Craftsmanship

Each of these handwoven artworks are created with exceptional care in our Edinburgh Handweaving studio. Taking between 3 to 10 days depending on the complexity and size of the piece, every stage is completed by hand ensuring the utmost attention to detail.

hand weaving a luxury gift in Edinburgh

Araminta Campbell’s hand woven shawls, scarves and wraps are all woven on a hand loom individually – which means that we can create the perfectly finished edge on every piece. This not only completes them visually, but also ensures they have the strength to last a lifetime.

hand finishing the tassels on a luxury hand crafted scarf

Once woven, each stage of the lengthy finishing process is also completed by hand. From delicately washing in six different stages, to hand stitching and brushing the statement flowing tassels. Every piece finishes as it began – completely unique and one of a kind.

Read more about the process behind our Signature Collection here.

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