About Araminta

About Araminta

I have always loved beautiful things but not material items, it is often a moment in time, a view, the sunlight through leaves or the hidden textures in the Scottish landscape. I am driven by my wish to create something so beautiful that someone else would like to own and treasure it. I am an artist and I express myself through the creation of luxurious handmade textile artworks.


Natural inspiration in Aramintas Handwoven designs

I draw my inspiration from the Scottish landscape: its’ trees, animals, sunsets and hills.

The quality and story behind a hand crafted item is something that cannot be rivalled. In this world of mechanical development, I feel that the appreciation for handmade items is growing. My passion for hand weaving has developed through my work and experience. Being self taught in weaving, having graduated with a degree in embroidery, I am able to approach the structured nature of weave organically. I love the complex and mathematical design required and I try to push the boundaries of my knowledge by creating new designs and challenging the limits that can often be very restricting in weaving.

Hand woven art works

The hand crafted finishes and attention to detail set my textile artworks apart.

The luxury is in the detail, from the beautifully finished selvedge and delicate tassels of a hand woven item to the use of the softest leather. I know that each and every thing I produce meets the absolute quality my customers expect, I am able to achieve this by being involved in every aspect of my products from the design to attaching of the label.

detail of handwoven scarf

I remain involved at every stage to make sure each element of my pieces achieves the highest quality.