Custom Made Handwoven Alpaca for Your Interiors or Wardrobe

For that ultra exclusive gift or perfectly matched set of soft furnishings our Signature bespoke service allows you to commission your own personalised piece of handwoven luxury.

Our Signature bespoke service offers clients the opportunity to have unique handwoven pieces woven to their specifications here in our Edinburgh studio. Whether you would like your own exclusive range of matching cushions and throws for a luxurious interior, or a bespoke shawl that is completely exclusive to you, we can create pieces that you will be able to treasure forever.

Made with the greatest attention to detail and care, our bespoke handwoven service gives clients the added benefit of being able to specify the colours, sizes and design of their own unique pieces.

As each item is custom designed and woven by hand, commissions need to be arranged sufficiently in advance to arrange sourcing yarn, testing and weaving each piece. Do contact us to make an enquiry.