Bespoke Tweeds and Tartans, Woven in Scotland

All of our custom made textiles are woven and finished here in Scotland. Tweed and Tartans have been woven here for centuries, and the weaving workshops and mills producing them have built up a reputation worldwide for the finest craftsmanship and quality.

At Araminta Campbell we are proud to showcase Scotland’s rich textile heritage, celebrating the centuries of skills and expertise that have been built up here over generations. We not only believe that these produce the very best for our customers, but by exclusively choosing Scottish mills and finishers we are proud to be helping sustain these textile traditions continuing here in Scotland.

Woven in Scotland
Woven in Scotland

Working independently from an individual mill, we are able to choose the most suitable mill for each project. This allows us to offer greater flexibility in the length and weights we can produce, and helps to support some of the smaller mills that are located all over Scotland.
We work closely with the weavers on each project, ensuring each design is produced correctly and to the quality we expect for our clients.