Bespoke Tartan Design Service

Tartans are an iconic piece of Scottish heritage. Our bespoke design service can help you recreate an existing tartan pattern that is no longer produced, create a new brand new design to pass onto future generations or help you put your own stamp on a family tartan.

Araminta Campbell’s bespoke tartan design service specialises in creating unique tartan designs and manufacturing them here in Scotland.  Tartans are famous around the world for the way they represent Scotland’s families and now indeed Scotland itself. Creating new tartans follows in these traditions, and adds to the rich heritage of patterns in this iconic woven fabric.

Whether you would like a brand new family tartan or require an ancient design to be reproduced faithfully, Araminta can work with you to bring your ideas to life. She is also experience in working with brands, interior designers and hospitality venues,  creating custom tartans that help them create a unique atmosphere and experience for their clients. Tartan has recognition worldwide and so is a wonderful way for Scottish brands to represent and celebrate their heritage on the global stage.